19 Signs You Are PSYCHIC. Sure-fire Ways To Tell You Have Psychic Abilities.

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How to tell you are psychic and have psychic abilities.

Here are some ways to tell you have psychic abilities. It’s pretty obvious once you realize you’ve been psychic all along 😊

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Arixx Nexx says:

O I wish I had these// thank you love love the video//

sky watch socal says:

When i was 15 years old i was able to solve a home robery..down to exactly what happened and who took what .they where able to get the stuff back..i was shocked with myself..the police gave me a look like i was involved some how..but i put it on my 4 kids this really happend..it turned out to be some of there own friends that broke in..it was my nabors…i also did it again as a adult ..i can only remote view if thats what its called..i cant tell the future but i can tell you what happened or if your lieng to me or describe where you are by talking to you over phone..my wife gets creeped out so bad it causes a argument to where she had me stop so i stoped but now its jyst been comming to me out of no where i pic up songs that play on radio before i have turned on radio and i can tell you what you are thinking i can here what everyone says about me behind my back it makes me not want to leave the house…what can i do ..im not crazy eather..

Z Caswell says:

My ability is saying or doing something completely random that makes the person freak out about my surreal ability. Today I met a fireman. We were talking and having a nice conversation. I suddenly had an irresistible urge to ask if he had ever rescued a cat. He was startled and noticeably embarrassed! Yes, he had rescued a kitten and the city newspaper put his photo on the front page. I asked if he was teased, already knowing the answer. "Yes, it was posted all over the station and the teasing was relentless." I admitted I was psychic, "I can't believe you asked that!" My ability is very mischievous and immediately convincing. Almost always making a disbeliever into a freaked out believer. I genuinely think it targets disbelievers on purpose, and finds it amusing. Note, i don't enjoy freaking people out, but I do regularly. I have many others but that's the most noticeable. I once answered questions from a Nigerian before the translator had translated the questions.

Giggly Hercules says:

Ive always read people really well, I know what their intentions are and what kind of person they are, I get colours which I can see with peoples auras too and as a child I used to see spirits and feel them but I was told that they don’t show themselves to me anymore because they don’t want to frighten me, as a child I would be terrified by them as I didn’t understand them, my nan had psychic mediumship abilities which have faded now she’s old and my mom had healing abilities so I don’t doubt for a minute that I don’t have anything but I’ve got major problems with connecting my memories to my emotions so I don’t remember much of my life and see it in black and white, I’d love to understand what happened to me because it messes me up how I can’t remember things and feel some sort of block in my mind, does anyone else have these issues. I’ve had them since I was 14 and now I sense it getting possibly worse to the point where I can’t remember hardly any of my past

Sanchari Guha says:

okay .. am psychic , and am lazy af .. doing nothing with my life .. my gifts are wasting .. so help me any how -_-



GottaLuvDatBiotch says:

I can feel people out and usually know who is evil or bad company just by looking at their eyes or face and sometimes have weird dejavu or have dreams that seem like signs but I don't know what all that is.

David Stojadinovic says:

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Hunter Hunter says:

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lamfilipos says:

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That_One_Funny_Freak says:

K so I'm probably going to regret writing this later but who cares…

So.. I've kinda known things before they happen for a while.. But it was a fee newer things that really creeped me out. Once my brother was getting a plate down and I got a weird feeling and I said, "Stop, youre going to drop it!" and it was almost like I wasnr controlling what I was saying. Like I didn't know what I was saying until after I said it. Cutting this story short… He dropped the plate (ironically we have scars in the same place but from different things)

Another time my whole family was at a pool amusement park thing and we were eating at a restaurant that was attached to it when I got a dreadful feeling and I just played it off and laughed and said, "One of y'alls gonna break your nose or someonething today."
We spent an hour that day in the hospital because my twin busted his head open… When I was watching the paramedics stop the bleeding I got a really bad headache and at the time I wasnr thinking that I was feeling his pain.. It was more of a, "they'll think I want attention if I say that." kinda thing.

And idk maybe I'm crazy or its all just coincidence . Now I am noticing that alot of these include my twin in some way…

Melissa Morton says:

A few weeks ago I had this feeling that something bad was going to happen. A few days later, when my family and I were driving home from an amusement park, there was a really bad wreck in which people got injured badly. Then, just a week or so after the wreck, I had the same feeling that something bad was going to happen. Today there was another car crash including five cars with one or more injured. My brother believes me because I told him before the first wreck happened.

Evette Heim says:

Intuition is what everyone has but not everyone is completely psychic…we are chosen to use our abilities…not everyone is meant to be doctors & lawyers….everyone can do what they choose but not every career choice is meant for everyone…

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