7 Stages of Psychic Development

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Did you know that there are different stages when it comes to psychic development?

And these stages play a very important role. They will determine how far you will advance if you are trying to develop your psychic senses. Because you won’t always go through all the stages, that will be up to you. Some people will, others will get stuck, usually around a stage 4 or 5. So how do you avoid getting stuck? You do need to understand how to get from one stage to another…



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Guadalupe Avalos says:

Your boring

Mellissa Tevaga says:

im at a stage 4 or 5, thank you for doing this video, now i know what to do to progress

Curtis Sesler says:

Think I'm at 4cand 5

Dolores W says:

Thank you was wondering where i was currently at on this journey

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