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The question is are psychics for real?

The girls visit a psychic and document over three months whether her premonitions come true.

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Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/43528

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brady chamness says:

who the fuck is that girl and why/how do i know her!?!?! the first chic to talk

Ania Gutowski says:

IS DEVIN POLISH!!!!!??????

Science Knowledge says:

Wow so sad people let this scammers make them believe all this BS.

sofia gonzalez says:

I didn’t know Chantelle dated girls
I still love you chantell

MavisDom ! says:

Jen probably blocked her energy from her reading her cuz SHE IS PSYCHIC

Catherine P says:

I’ll buy it

Rosey Nicole says:

I think that empath would be a more accurate term

Hollie Mia says:

Aww I felt for Devin, her story was so deep

Mercedez Archuleta says:

I never knew chantel was lesbo

Alissa Xu says:

Professor Trelawney. Harry Potter reference?

Purair Zel says:

That girl being with another girl idk why but it made me so happy <3

Myra Bieber says:

is there any psychic here that could tell me whether ill get to date someone by this year or not? 😂

RileyQuinn says:

yo…im usually skeptical but shes actually a really good psychic

Freja Horan says:

I got so emotional when it came to Devan’s story, I didn’t think I’d get so emotional

Lorien Sanchez says:

When did jen get double eye lides

Fishforever says:

Watch the Adam ruins everything episode on psychics it explains everything she does and why it’s fake

Smellycat Lovegood says:

Hey sisters

Makaiya Thornton says:

Omg this is so cool

Arya M says:

are empaths kinda like psychics because i'm an empath and hella intuitive to the point where i freak myself out and i can read people's energy really easily, especially negative energy. i think that's why i get tired so easily after being around people

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