Aretha Franklin Psychic Reading

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PsychicMediumRay says:

8/16/18 Three days after doing this video the Queen of Soul has passed on into the heavens and she is greatly missed but will never be forgotten. Sending love and blessings to her family, fans and people around the world mourning this Great loss.

ChubbyChecker182 says:

Died on the same day as Elvis 16/08

Joyce Starks says:

My Uncle came out of remission of pancreatic cancer cause HE said he wasn't ready to go, he LIVED s few more years BUT at that POINT it's really IS IN GOD'S HANDS!!

Cherina Lee says:

I love her so much!!!! Her music has always made my soul feel good as well as others!! A real inspiring one of a kind legend!! 🕊💕💞🕊💕💞🕊💕💞🕊💕💞💕 FLY HIGH QUEEN! 🕊💕

Aquarian Love says:

Thank you for this reading!

maeg fry says:

Prayers to Aretha. 💕💕💕 No feet will fill your shoes. God Bless you Aretha.

GoodVibes says:

I love her so much!! She is such a symbol of strength, resilience and talent! Apart from being the greatest voice of all times, she plays the piano like a master, she writes many of the songs she sings and takes part in all the studio productions. Her live performances have been healing the world for more than 50 years. She has an amazing soul, she is a real STAR! Don't give up Ms Franklin, we all love you here! Thanks for this reading!

anonymous anonymous says:

Great reading. I also liked some of her music. God Bless her!

Betty Woods says:

I loved her

Tonya Daniels says:


Frances McHenry says:

Amazing talent and no one compares to her! If and when she crosses over may she be met by the angels singi ginger her rendition of "Amazing Grace", amen!

Kelli Holling says:

Godspeed Aretha Franklin, you are an amazing soul ❤🙏

Eric Simon says:

Beautiful reading, I appreciate how you are respectful to these celebrities when you do your work. Can you possibly read Janet Jackson? I’m a recent subscriber. Thank you!

Candy Kendrick's says:

THE QUEEN BABY!! nobody will be able to fill her shoe's NOBODY! I'm so sorry to hear this I grew up listening to Aretha and we are from the same town I met her a long time ago and it was lovely she played the piano and sang I loved it!!! It was beautiful she was crazy about Dennis Edwards they played around for a while he not to long ago he made his transition and she'll proceed him I'm so sorry to hear this I send my prayers and blessings to the queen of soul love you Aretha

Janine Bell says:

Prayers to her.

ZhanaZee says:

She was abused by men when she was younger……the men in her life were sooooooo evil and mean to her.

Amber Gray says:

Prayers up to ms Aretha Franklin God bless u and your family 🙌🏽☝🏾❤️


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