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Thank you so much for watching my Celebrity Psychic Reading.

Welcome to my spiritual bubble! My name is Bee but most of you know me as Miss.J! ❤️ I am a Spiritualist and Astrologer that’s dips into a little magick every here and there.

These videos are created to shed light with psychic intuition and spiritual ascension. On this channel, we will unravel Hollywood intrigues, worldly theories, Witchy tips and Astrological information.

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Mesha Goddess says:

Sun is already shining on the people who could possibly did this. Twitter is already speculating & all I can say is justice will be served soon😥😥😥

Sasha Mea says:

Wow gave me chills!!! Great read!!!

Olivia Piatt says:

My interpretation of the star is ‘the calm after the storm’. We later found out that he clearly overcame his past self, and decided not to let the kid who wrote “look at me” to represent him (at least that’s what I took from the music video that was released after he passed). And it very clearly represents the water bearer, which is his sign— Aquarius. He was growing into a better version of himself, and following his heart. Which included giving back to the community, like Aquarius’ do.

Crystal Nibarger says:

Steve Huff from Huff Paranormal did a session where he was talking to X & one of the videos he woke up from some strong vibes & he felt a spirit (potentially X) with a pain in his chest. But from when I read X was shot in the neck.

Montse Valencia says:

This is crazy❤️ mad respect for you
an long for ever live X🤧❤️

Christine Stanley says:

If you watch the videos of his spirit coming through in the soul speaker he asks to speak to Nikki.

Anke Wegewarth says:

My lucky number is also 7 always was

Just Kai says:

I’m just so sad I feel his pain I was just really getting to know him and really started to love his music and I have been trapped ever since I miss him I want to see him in my dreams but it’s just blur😪idk I’m confused I’m angry and depressed crying myself to sleep😭he just wanted us to see the good in him but that’s all I payed attention to I fell in love with his passion to do great things and he just wanted acceptance but people are just cold and cruel for no reason at all.i fell like a big piece of my happiness was stolen and I don’t know what to do

Ashley Wallace says:

Please do a reading for the mom who Murdered along with her children and unborn baby form Colorado. Shannan Watts is her name

Nelly Pimentel says:

Thought 17 was his persnal number

Nelly Pimentel says:

The killer said he did some to his cousin so it wasss from the past

Nelly Pimentel says:

Damn man its X he was literally someone u couldnt explainnn like he was the best so many mysterties with him nd i love it his music he mightve got possesed bc it changed all of us

Nelly Pimentel says:

Maybe his mom is the woman tht he thought he couldve done better

teetee says:

I hate that he was so hard on himself.

teetee says:

Do Tupac plz

Yung Streaks says:

thank you sm for this ❤️

Çådë jøhñ says:

Please make a part 2 out xxx

Julius Mason says:

How can I get a reading from you

Connor Chrup says:

I loved x and even know I never met him talked to him seen before I just had a really big connection with him LLJ your music will never die and may your soul Rest In Peace

It's Raychella2U says:

But nobody arrested is from his "Entourage". Jus glad they got ALL 4 people. 😥😥😣☹️😓

Hyda Natalia says:

Where did u get your cards from

J0K3 says:

"He was going to do big things, but the world wasnt ready for it yet". Why not. Why is it that we are never ready for these good things in our world. Why is it that when we have someone to pursue these amzing things, they're taken out of the world.

Tashiyana Jones says:

May I have a reading please ??

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