Decoding Psychic Dream Symbolism And Meaning

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In the Dreams that are Psychic or Prophetic, Decoding Dream Symbolism & Meaning I discuss how dream state messages can provide insight in what is happening to us and in the world, how that affects our states of reality, both in the present and the future.

Different symbols have various meanings, and often nothing is as it seems, and needs deeper research and exploration of reality.

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Xena says:

Thank you so much for sharing!

Sovereign Truther says:

Informative, as always. Thanks.

Nancy Volker says:

Glad you're up and running I like this. Message 😘

Henry Solstice says:

Lots of cats for me! Sometimes they have Egyptian garb on them. Sometimes…. I have to dig alot…. ALOT… serve that tea in the tunnels. I used to have more sophisticated things not anymore oh well… Still… ALOT OF CATS!

Golden girl says:

Loved this TY great share post you are so positive despite the heinous things that occurred in you life to date.. Cheers my amazing friend I loved the Music too that was intense .. Namaste'

Paula Feudo says:

Love to hear your thoughts, Elena…you have a great sharing-vibration.

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