Dr. Phil Embarrasses Fake “Psychic” on National Television

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Dr. Phil tossing more L’s

I dont know if I should take this seriously or not!

I’m going with or not. ;>0


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High Stakes Gaming says:

Nice view counts man!!

Anthony 198877 says:

These videos would be a much better without an unfunny American twat thinking they make the video with their God awful "witticisms" FUCK OFF

X-MISMA-X says:

Dude I don't put anything on my channel and youtube congratulated me for having 15,000 subscribers

Piss BeUponHim says:


Spenser Winkelman says:

according to urban dictionary you are the leader of all blue shirts now so…

Patrick Roelant says:

I goggles what he said. Now I'm a believer

Taison Taison says:

I can tell he's a liar just by looking at him. He needs to see a shrink. Now if he was Amy Allen then I could believe something he had to say, or Kim Clement, this man is evil you can tell he's a liar by the way he fishes for information .

EAST IS UP says:

please dont demonitize 😂😂😂

Seb 451 says:

All hail the leader of all blue shirts!

Willow MacGregor says:

Bullshit! This guy is Psychotic not Psychic.

Simon Thelen says:

Why does he look like the atheist scape goat from Gods not dead.

Eli Hudson says:

B-But 5+1 is 6

Alexandria Garibay says:

Uh, I got an ad for a woman who called a psychic to see if her boyfriend would cheat on her again…..

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