Finding Out Your A Psychic Medium

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Psychic Mediums and the week that changed my life. I hear dead people now?!?



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Karen Polanchek, NTP says:

Thank you. This is happening to me and I don't know what to do next. What step 1 should I take? Reiki? Find a medium?

Niko says:

When people die, they go either to Heaven or Hell, they dont stay here and try to contact you. Demons in another hand, are very skilled in appearing as your passed away relatives or friends etc. I have met my mother and sister very vividly, almost cried from joy, but later shockingly realised they were demons in disguise.

Katie Vee says:

when you mentioned the thing about everyone being able to do it but are too scared to listen to their mind, the other day I decided when I couldn't sleep to just wait until my head is clear and listen to what I say and I heard 2 things (I think one was a name but I honestly don't remember since I didn't realise what I was doing) they were a mans voice and I just think its so weird that you said that haha
I used to be able to smell stuff others couldn't but not so much now, apart from the odd thing here and there.

Heidi Persson says:

Please tell me about the changes in my body. How come and why is my body changing its appearance!!??

Susan Rogers says:

I don't know why your video popped up in my feed, but I'm glad it did. I too am a Psychic Medium, I actually found out what I was last year. I have run in fear from this for over 50 years. I finally had to face these fears and now I'm not afraid anymore. I have a lot to learn yet and yes I feel like people look at me as if I am a cracked nut if I say anything. There are some who do understand me and don't question, but the vast majority do not and think it's wickedness. They are so wrong!
Thank you for sharing your story.

Ann Fitzgerald says:

had to stop listening because that background music (piano?) was way too annoying…it's a bad idea to play music while someone is talking yet many people think it's necessary…you lost one listener because of it

Centrifugal Muse says:

Wow! I have always been fascinated by mediums. My daughter had an invisible friend named peter until my son was born and she stopped seeing Peter. Anyway I wonder if I could try these similar things to reawaken my dormant gifts. The only thing I could do as a child is minor ailment healing for my mom and unlocking locked doors. So thanks for this video. New subscriber here

Cherry Chapstick says:

1st person EVER to say you see people you don't know. ME TOO! Kids, adults, houses on and on. I asked my family did they see that stuff and they say no. I'm like well what do you see? They say nothing. Pfff! I see babies. I say outloud at times, i don't know who you are, lol. I'll start asking questions i guess. Wow. New Subscriber here

Mommybouche says:

I have a question. Did u ever question if this was wrong as far as what the bible tells us? Let me just say, I am in no way trying to criticize or anything like that. I'm asking bc , I hear what I believe is spirit. I struggle with what is said about familiar spirits in the bible and how it's wrong to consult with them so I've put off trying to get further into the medium stuff. I'd like to believe it's a gift from God.

Joseph Molina says:

When i thought like this i was sent to a mental illness facility

Ryan Coreil says:


Eobard Ferguson says:

I’m lost… what should I do?

william saltsman says:

Did it for about four months consistently at work then just stopped for about ten years. Recently it just started up again but not like before. Before I could just walk up to you get a message and a name without really trying. Now I have to wait for it to just happen. When I try I usually get nothing. Still weird!
Yes, it's very real!

Rocksummit says:

Thank you for this one. A year ago I would have called you nuts, now I’m driving the buss! I’m a sceptic by nature and want scientific evidence and read the actual science reports because I basicly dont trust what people say and claim. Mine is a long story how I came to believe all this but what cemented everything for me and laid down the rulebook was LL research and ”The law of One”. If you have the time Shaman, check it out. I really appriciate what you are doing and I’m totally onboard! I’m meeting a medium myself at the end of october. I’ve heard a lot of people say it was their springboard for spiritual development. Keep it up! 👍

ms nell says:

Thank you!!!!!!

Tara Butler says:

oh man! is that why you were 'gone' (off youtube) for a long time? and do you think it has anything to do with all the psychadelics youve done? (opening doorways)

Jkatz9y says:

I think some of those synchronicities might be coincidences, but you seemed to be getting way too many. I think the universe, your guides or whomever, are trying to tell you that you have a gift, and I hope you go on to use it for good..

Colin Brodhead says:

I just stumbled across your video and, of course, subscribed. This was an excellent monologue, but I was tagged along the way by a very trivial question: Why is the guy who does the 'An0maly – News Analysis & Hip-hop' YT Channel in that picture that pops up at 10:48? Just a doppelganger; or do you BOTH live in Sherman Oaks? : )

The body says:

I believe you, I too am a medium and I am alt right. Its easier for me to come out as a medium rather than alt right. My specialty is connecting to spirit through an object of the dead person or photo. I also can remote view for specific events. I only have mild psychic flashes.

Deborah Johnson says:

You're not nuts. Thanks for sharing.

Truth Kindness says:

Happy to have found your channel. I followed you on Twitter. (both accounts) Send me a DM if you feel led to do so. 🙂

Wishing you all the best. says:

Some weeks ago, i had like 40 synchronisitis in a week

Bat Masterson says:

I think we are all psychic, take me for example, spent 3k on two tickets to a game, right there as my bank card stated "approved" I knew my wife was going to kill me…did she, not yet, when we get statement, we'll see….am I scared….very scared, haven't. had a bowl movement in 17 days.

Sandra Adams says:

I believe you. My husband was very surprised when he was very accurate with some things like this..holding items that belonged to people, etc.

Lorraine Cortes says:

You have the gift your great.

KT GE says:

I think you should do some research on the methods these mediums use to read you. It wouldn't surprise me if you were talking to someone before the show about smokey fingers. There's plants all in those audiences. You should look into confirmation bias and the statistical probability of coincidence. When we're constantly looking for something, we're much more likely to find it. I see 11:11 on my clock pretty frequently. Wanna know when I see it most? When I'm thinking about it multiple times throughout the day.

Amethyst Midnight says:

We're all awakening! We're finally learning how to tap into our own natural powers. I'm super skeptical because of the phonies but I am a true believer. We're all psychics in a way. We're always in a cycle of birth and rebirth

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