How to Develop Your Psychic Ability – Edgar Cayce

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Edgar Cayce’s definition of psychic forces would be found by comparing the finite and the infinite.

These convey entirely different impressions to our minds. Cayce says he finite mind pertains wholly to our faculties or abilities—which may feed the soul, provided we give it whatever may build to sustain its life. But the infinite mind, about which the first question would be, “How can you know the infinite?” cannot be discerned through reason.

Edgar Cayce said it is the finite mind which tries to reason, to distinguish and to define by comparison—processes which are only a portion of the faculties called psychic forces. Thus infinite mind is outside the realm of ordinary reasoning. We can comprehend the infinite only by a faculty that is superior to reason. That faculty is the psychic force. One must enter a state in which the finite self no longer exists! . .

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UAMN TV says:

About the presenter:
Patrick Belisle a spiritual world traveler, having spent four years straight wandering North America and literally going around the world. Raised Roman Catholic, he has been a spiritual seeker since age 14 when he led his church’s youth Bible study group, going on to study theology with Benedictine monks in college. Since then, Patrick has lived with Buddhist monks in Thailand, taught meditation and dreamwork as an A.R.E. Camp counselor for 15 years, and has practiced hypnotherapy since 1999. Patrick believes strongly in the power of Love and has officiated dozens of weddings and led many marriage-preparation workshops in his role as an ordained clergyperson for the Church of Spiritual Humanism. When he is not having psychic experiences or wandering the world, his day job is raising money for Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. in Virginia Beach. Patrick blends his joyful humor with deep substance to help others find love, meaning, and inspiration.

About the lecture:
Psychic experiences are not things of the past, which only saints and sages could manage; they are alive within each of us every day. And, according to Edgar Cayce, they are meant to be useful to us and those who we love and serve. Many scientists will tell you psychic experiences are not possible in this physical Universe… while others have applied scientific methods and found otherwise. If you have ever wondered about psychic experiences – your own or others’ – or wanted to learn about what they are or how they might work, you should watch this presentation. Tell your curious friends and teenagers, your skeptical colleagues and family members, and even your church members and caregivers, they should check out this mind-opening, insightful, and fun presentation. You won’t learn about THIS stuff in school!

Shona Williamson says:

Mr Belisle is a really lovely speaker. A very endearing chap. Thank you and best wishes.

Robert Youngblood says:

Thanks 🙏🏼

Emmaliana McBryant says:

Pause 20:34

Harry Warren says:

Very well taught. Many thanks.

Stephanie Okerson says:

Taking your mystical audience money to the bank! Move along.

Lee Wardle says:

Uri Geller had kids all around the world attempting to bend spoons trying to imitate him, was secretly in the pay of a large international cutlery manufacturer.

rebelrostrum1881 says:

I'm 14 minutes in and really tried to continue.  But, after his obvious naivety of not knowing that Uri Geller and Nina Kulagina are obvious frauds… Who allowed him to speak for Edgar Cayce in any way? He appears to be a fool.

mel obrien says:

Uri Geller was proven to be a fraud decades ago; get it together.

mel obrien says:

More New Age-style nonsense. That's capital NONSENSE. Soul? what's a soul? Prove it exists.

Julie julie says:

Edgar read the Bible three times by age 12 he read it over 56 times and read it every year! I just found out Mary was concieved like Jesus.

3rd Eye Activism says:

I got the telekinesis knacks. Check out , "Look What I Can Do" on my tube. Heyoka a wise clown.

kevin walston says:

i know i have soul mind,but i have a way with the matrix,i can feel what people are thinking and can map people out even over a simple email or letter

Amber Dawn says:

This guy, just KEEPS glitching out!! His energies are interfering with the coding of the digital recording!! JUST LIKE the aliens on the news! Is ANYBODY noticing these things? ANYBODY?????!

S Mandolene says:

Shed no light on anything. Of course other than himself. Don't waste your time. Low energy, nothing more than someone trying to cash in on the Edgar Cayce phenomenon. Boring , almost insulting.

Martin Kitt says:

clairaudience is not as you describe. in fact it is a discarnate voice audible physically to ones inner ear.

shelley bamford says:

I have a multi religeous background so can identify where you are coming from

Brian Barber says:

Also known as how to be a fraud!

Sally May says:

Did cave men have souls

Sally May says:

Its like u keep talking but pinpoint nothing

Sally May says:

Man get 2 it im falling asleep.

Leo Shelton says:

And to think I grew up in Chesapeake Virginia! went to Virginia Beach often! And had NO IDEA about ARE-Edgar Cayce…and today I'm an Animal Communicator-Medium-Angel Oracle Card Reader…uggggh! If only I knew …but everything happens for a reason. So I'm ok I know NOW. 😊👍🏾

Justin Burgess says:

Honestly, you think that it's easy to have these abilities you speak about it like it holds no responsibility?

newstart49 says:

I know I'm psychotic- I mean psychic.

Wayward Beast says:

I have always been a big fan of Edgar cayce.. However I find your comment about personal gain being "Unscrupulous" very demeaning to those including myself that have had to ask the universe for help… It is not always about greed.

Reg Ward says:

UAMN TV;Ive sent you guy's a private message about this video,thank's guy's.

Dave Elsey says:

Ed Cayce? As in head case?



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