Jenna Dewan Gets a ‘Seatbelt Psychic’ Reading from Thomas John

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Late Late show guest Jenna Dewan gets a big surprise when “Seatbelt Psychic” medium Thomas John picks her up to bring her to the show, and Thomas reads from several of Jenna’s family members. Watch Thomas John on the season finale of “Seatbelt Psychic” this Wednesday on Lifetime at 10p.

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alexphotoman says:

Anybody can be a psychic with people's social media background all over the internet!

R Mo says:

Funny how those psychics can say one thing like "E.L" and their client will tell them the whole damn story. Their clients literally do all the work for them loool

cyberdazed says:

So apparently, all the "gifted" ones live in LA. They can't predict ways to bring peace on Earth or eliminate hunger, but they can kiss Zlisters asses.

M khan says:

has anyone tried to troll one

Karen Dea says:

I believe there are true mediums/physics out there, but there are just so many scam artists trying to impersonate them that the real ones are far/few in between.
That's why so many people are in disbelief of them – that and the fact that we've got those science nerds who need "factual evidence" for spirits living among us.

For instance, we have no solid evidence that aliens exist in the universe yet many believe they're still out there

Emily says:

i love her she's so cute and sweet

Miro Ghibellini Vidal says:

I could see some of these facts being reachable through research. Love ghosts and stuff like that but this profession is difficult to believe.

caths kitten says:

There are "scam" mediums/psychic's and real deals. This guy is the real deal. All those that think they are all fake are the types that are closed minded, and wouldn't believe if a dead person rose from the grave in front of them. They typically are driven by fear of the unknown. It's too scary for them to believe.

marsajib says:

if you had derren brown in the same show. he wouldve debunked this guy left and right

Robert Li says:

Jenna is kinda awkward honestly

Renan Correa says:

stop giving attention to pseudoscience

Kace face says:

It’s not psychic…. it’s deducing.
And I don’t even think he did that.
She way too bad of an actor

Molly Palmer says:

I love that show!! It’s my new favorite

Somerset says:

guy's good

TammySchmit says:

Oh silly haters. You claiming you know "the truth" is no different than a psychic claiming they do. Will it ever be okay to simply say, "I don't know what the truth is."

jnmklo9 says:

No disrespect bit he knows who he is picking up and he coukd get lots of info from the internet official records etc

Bill B says:

Is this guy psychically driving or just his knees in charge of the wheel?

Shell Angel says:

this guys was in jail for a scam on Craigslist, shocking that James Corden didn't do a background check

Mats Turnings says:

well he did his research on wiki before this(y) most fake shit ever

Janet Elleard says:

who sings the song playing as a theme; Another day another mile.. you've been gone a good long while?

Water Boy says:

She is gorgeous…

Drucilla Foreman says:

Thay hear from demonic Angel's or demons. The spirit world is real. I Don't believe most psychics Are badd people. They are just deceived. On the Flip side as a Christian Some of us have the gift of discernment and / or Prophecy. True christians can never be possessed but oppressed.

gexwex says:

this is some stinky bullshit

Just Me says:

Attractive young lady – really BAD actress. Lame fake bit James.

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