More Psychic Cringe Fails!

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More of the Best Psychic Cringe Fails I could find from across the internet! Many get beautifully called out for their bullsh*t!
Please share and maybe it might help dent a little business for these types of con men and women.
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The_Rockness says:

"Your mom was very affected by your dad's passing…"

I would hope so. ?

Bangaly says:

Aye get that lady to send me that song I'm finna record that bitch Listen to Playlist On Repeat [pro. JKT] by bangaly_be_mackin #np on #SoundCloud

jess pace says:

LMAO i do not endorse the random fellow Canadian at the end of this video! This Is A Public Service Announcement

Roberto Carriço says:

come on people is this april fool

Aqualung says:

Plot Twist: The first lady's song that she wrote was actually despacito

Alyssa Maria Thompson says:

Someone find that cute old lady's song

Locomotive Breath says:

I love Derren Browns stuff. He's brilliant.

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