Psychic Abilities Everyone Can Unlock

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Since the start of recorded history, psychic abilities have been documented, exposing the supernatural gift that some possess to look beyond the physical world and reach into the spiritual one.
Throughout the past, our mental abilities have been a topic of mystery; often being attributed to certain individuals’ ability to control matter simply by thought, giving birth to numerous supernatural theories related to Alchemy and prophecies, communicating with non-physical entities, travelling outside of one’s physical body, supernatural healing, supernatural levels of strength, hypnosis, telekinesis and much more.

We know fo sure that the mind is capable of extraordinary things, but yet we have been surprised again and again by it. Perhaps, the unknown capabilities of the human brain are yet to be found, feats of unnatural mental abilities becoming common practice in the future. In this video, we’ll discuss a small fraction of the known psychic abilities we as human all possess and simply need to develop in order to use them. Let’s start.

Kevin MacLeod – Temple of the Manes


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Kenneth Isais says:

can you make a video how to get that power?

Nevermore 721 says:

This makes 0 sense.

Nevermore 721 says:

You didn't say how to unlock them.

Ufo Alien Austrian News Wahrheit und Dokumente says:

Thought is related to our reality. With water as element on planet earth we can influence it directly. Write love on it ,positive words and or bad words like hate and so on ,it will reacting on it. The water holds much longer and be fresh and smell good.With hate not. And that's the prove for words and matter. And even our thoughts that interacting with our reality sightable touchable matter. Universal just 4-5%. And 25% dark matter and 70% dark energy. So? Is our universe this 4-5% made by us ? We all thought and think bout our reality. And how it must or shall be. What if every human on earth would think otherwise. Would earth /reality as whole be different ? Can humans as whole species change our reality by just thinking /believing bout it? What if all humans minds believe that our reality is different ? Would it be like they want to ve it ? The most people thinks all is bad. Negative. That's why we facing wars and bad things . We as humans are the ruler of this world. And during this A-70 abduction case , a alien told the abductees that humans were much more advanced but being Capped. Capped ? From what? Spiritual stuff? Or technological? What they re talking bout? And this grey like alien tells him that they are here for SANCTUARY!!!!…..Whats that means? Do this aliens hide inside our bodies? Is that the reason why abductees claimed that aliens do surgical doings to their stomach? And often their Eyes ? What's up with that claims? Do they hiding inside us? With some tech? And or do hiding here on earth? Underground? Too? What's going in here ? Are we all just hosts for aliens? And are more then we ve told to? And thought? What's true? Why they re here at all? Do someone know ,something bout all of this? Are we normally more then humans? Mind related beings? Like aliens do? And that we being Capped? To prevent us from destroying everything here?

Jessica YTGaming says:

am i the only one in the world without powers

Heng Judge says:

Have u unlocked this abilities ?

Lawrence Shirley says:

This needs some serious debunking. I have taught and continue to teach people how to do psychic miracles with a success rate well over 90%. But psychic miracles are not physical miracles. A psychic miracle is a miracle of the mind and may have nothing to do with anything happening physically.

I start with the creation of an energy ball. Many people know of this capability, but I go a bit farther. I don't want people to just have wimpy energy balls. I teach powerful energy balls where the user has no doubt that they have created an energy ball and where anyone who has learned how to see psychic energy can clearly see the energy ball created by someone else.

Next, I teach mind-to-mind psychic communication. This is taught as part of an exercise I call "bumping heads" and anyone can do this without the presence of a psychic teacher. People line up in two rows with partners aligning by facing each other. Next, you need to focus your mind on your partner. This is done by chatting for one to two minutes with your partner on any subject(s) you both may wish. This is a very important part of the exercise and must not be skipped regardless of how well you know your partner. Partners then separate about 20 feet apart facing each other and each person takes part as the sender or the receiver. Senders are told to think of their partner and observe their partner carefully. When the sender is ready, senders are to yell in their minds (but not aloud) "Stop!" as loud as they can when they wish to have their partner stop while their partner is walking towards them. Once lined up 20 feet apart with no obstacles in the way, the receiver closes their eyes and relaxes. Once all the receivers have closed their eyes, the teacher or some other leader tells the group to begin. Receivers keep their eyes open and slowly walk towards their partner. When the receiver hears their partner yelling stop within their mind, they are to stop and wait where they are. To verify to the group that this is working, the leader can ask the senders to raise their hands or otherwise signal to observers that they have begun yelling stop. The senders are to continue to yell stop until their stop or when they bump heads.

I usually do other exercises as time permits including a psychic mother may I process and identification of an object visualized by the sender. By the end of the class, almost one has any question that psychic communications are a reality.

Blessed be,

Secretary Office of Lord Sinhar Ambar Anati says:

Crown chakra blockage due to ?

GLEN Short says:

nice try satan , of course the devil can give you a sense of false empowerment , he is a fallen angel , Maybe try the gift of prophecy given to you by our Lord Jesus . its free , it doesnt come at a cost .. eg..your soul your salvation. He will do anything to divert you away from the truth …dont be decieved ..

Liam Carignan says:

Pyrokinesis ???

ItzMe Ria says:

I wish I had a Telekinesis!

YouareIandIAMYou says:

Powerful video.

Grégoire Lompo says:

Greater thanks

Corrie Nicole says:

Levitating? Really? ??

Andy Le says:

telling people have psychic abilities but do not demonstrate how to unlock it ? what's the point ?

Forever King says:

I've unlocked all of these. Get on my level bitches. ???

reza haidari says:

Brothers and sisters be very careful about what you ask for and what you are about to see.( videos can in fact summon demons) I have opened up my third eye and personally I have nothing but regret. My normal life as I once knew it ended on that very day, ever since that day it’s been a struggle to live from day to day dealing with all kind of spirits and demons! I thank my lord Jesus Christ for being with me and helping me through out my life! I highly advise you to meditate on these verses from the bible (john14:6, 2nd Corinthians 2:11, 1 peter 5:8 and 2nd Corinthian 11;14)

Vladislav Varnenchik says:

Sounds good, doesn't work.

Baykov Alexander says:

I did telekinesis and telepathy, I saw things which are invisible to others and I materialised my various visions many times. I believe that these abilities are accessible for everyone with enough will, intelligence and understanding.

kevin walston says:

catholic is satan aka lucifer,neither exist but in there mind.

insane subliminals says:

Did you know?
That everything we believe is going to happen in the real world?

Curtiss Powell says:

Ever have dejavu from a previous dream? I have a number of times and the dream is really close to what actually happened.

Marion Thomas says:

Just let go and let it flow ??

Gina Mariposa says:

Except according to the Flat Earth model, "Mercury" is not a place that can have any atmosphere… it is just a fixture within our dome. This means that the only way anyone could "go to Mercury" would be by astral projection, or "in the mind". Therefore, it follows that the Mariner never went to Mercury and probably took advantage of what the psychic had said to gain a little cover. Yes, I do believe the Earth is flat, and if you haven't seen the proofs, you should check them out.

Arnel Susano says:

the Filipina girl is true 🙂 she is living in Antique ILOILO city Philippines 🙂 I lived here 🙂

Xel An says:

These abilities aren't rare, just rarely documented. Most people with psychic abilities choose to hide it, and for good reason, because they become targeted. I know people that could turn invisible, start fires etc. get taken away by mylab. Using their abilities causes an electromagnetic disturbance, which can be picked up by them. I think they get offered jobs as agents, but I'm not sure yet.

Charles Cosimano says:

Of all the psychic abilities, none are more utterly useless than levitation.

Infinite Awareness says:

This is a very interesting video but the Vivisection is repugnant and vile. One MUST be a devil to perform vivisection on a poor innocent animal. How disgusting.

Michael Anthony says:

My third eye opened today but I don’t feel like I unlocked anything lol all there was was a loud bang in my head ?

Skyler Emmerson says:

I could control a marble ball as a kid, make it roll around how I wanted, but I got so scared that I stopped and threw the ball away as I was made to believe any special skills are witchcraft

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