Psychic medium John Edward performs a shocking audience reading

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Psychic medium, John Edward talks about what it’s like to be a psychic medium and gives our audience an emotional reading.

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Sapphire Orchid says:

He does explain the preminitions correctly. I think he may be a clairvoyant but he's exaggerating. Its not a clear flow. It's static. He could be tapped into it but even then it seems exaggerated.

Keith Kent says:

Genuine mediums don't need to keep asking questions but cold readers do.

Khin Noe says:

He sees past and current situation,he sees future too?

robert b says:

He ripped off my elderly mother for 7 tickets at 150 each for a bad " show" that was oversold by thousands. He read 3 people and would never move on. GREED drives john Edward who has no conscious.

Re-Jector says:

This must be fun. I wounder is he writing down these questions and ideas at home to prepare for this audience reads. Or is there some lists or books about most common accidents, names, events, about statistics that "mediums" use. Same with tarots. Who is inventing these stuff. I also wounder, maybe these "mediums" really think they have this gift so they are convinced they can read people. This is cool talent or skill if you ask me, like magicians. Check Darren Brown, he can do this but he will tell you how. He even have episode about exposing one. Nothing supernatural about this

stewart william says:

Now THINK PLEASE and ask yourself this:
Why would your loved one contact a complete stranger when they could contact you direct …………….. Answer … They wouldn't!
But a CON-MAN would have you believe otherwise whilst taking your money.

Sam Cross says:

Awww seeing john in birmingham september cannot wait

rymd pojke says:


Steven Redding says:

I have left this type of comment at other "psychic" sites, but I believe it should be repeated:

When working an audience, the "psychic" speaker works with "degrees of freedom." For instance, if he is working a group who lost loved ones, he will say, "Someone here has lost a daughter to cancer?" Several hands will go up. Of course they would. Just by the nature of the group, there are going to be several who lost a daughter to cancer. He just as easily could have said, "Someone here lost a son in a car accident." Again, several (different) hands go up. It's entirely random. (But it must be a large enough crowd to allow more degrees of freedom.)

As the "psychic" continues to ask questions, they are very general in nature. At first, nothing specific to an individual person or couple in the crowd. No names or details are provided because he is just guessing or "fishing." For instance, he might say, "I sense the daughter that passed on loved horses." Again, a few hands go up. Eventually his questions do zero in on one couple who lost their daughter to cancer, loved horses, etc. And everyone is amazed that he "knew" all these "facts.". But depending on the questions and the people in the group, he could have zeroed in on someone completely different. Again, it's entirely random. What's more, some of the questions he asks might get no response. As a result, he quickly changes tack and moves on to other (general) questions. But no one notices the "misses," just the "hits."

What the "psychic" is doing is using people's deep emotional pain to deceive them and make himself look like someone who has "contacted" their loved ones. They should be ashamed of themselves. But they aren't because it makes them a lot of money (at the emotional expense of others.)

k Vybi says:

All these talk about demons…maybe God gives certain people gifts ! Duh! Not everything is demons . I believe this guy is the real deal

csilva3682 says:

I want to believe it because it confirms to me that there is life after death. I think Tyler Henry is either the real deal or he is the most magnificent fraud ever.

Jack Meoff says:

This is so cringy hahahaah

james parr says:

Don't take refuge in the false security of consensus and the feeling that whatever you think you're bound to be okay because you're in the safely moral majority this guy is a obvious fraud. People cant "talk" to the dead.

STIN AGU says:

Biggest douche in the universe 3 yrs in a row !!

baler johnson says:

Check into the Amazing Randi …people like this are scammers .

Zainab Raymundo says:

You know,,i dont believed in a phychic,,because if there is, why there so many dying somewhere out there

jesus baby says:

гандон обосцаный ты джон едвард

Mane Event says:


Jennifer Hayley says:

2 seconds in and i predict someone had "something to do with the leg"

BLZBOB says:

I do think he is one of the best of a bad bunch.

Rose Serotta says:

Lord have mercy why hasn't anyone listen to any of the past YouTube videos and Seen he asked the same question

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