Psychic Medium John Holland in Lowell, Massachusetts

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Psychic Medium John Holland delivers messages from the spirit world in Lowell, Massachusetts. (June 25th, 2009)

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heken macris says:

John your too funny I need a psychic guy in my life lolo lol too bad I'm in Canada

Michael Radford says:

my wife identified herself as did all my family with the messages ,my wife prompted a medium to come to me saying my name and answered my questions i had asked her since she died including taking my ring off the table . my next reading was 3ladies and a man ,my wife her sister my mum and my brother each identified with a message .my next reading my mother named all of her sisters and brothers who were there in spirit with her including my dad had met his son ,my brother .dads father my uncle each identified by the messages . all family are just a step away into the light ,a two way thing for spirits they can visit having seen my wife as smoke in my bedroom ,made up of stars on my bed and twice as pure spirit . a medium is as good as your spirits that go with you and your spirits are around you at home and can leave messages . just talk to them .

Leslie Cone says:

John, you are amazing. How wonderful for these people to be able to interact with you.

Butterfly Magic with Hot Tea says:

The "Christine" was the "christening" dress (maybe)

Ana Luísa Machado says:

I could hear you for an entire day! 🦋⭐️ please upload more of this, living here in Portugal these uploads are a true gem! Thank you John 💫🌈

KaysianReigns says:

I am concerned about what's going on with me, I feel weird saying I must have abilities but I have no other words to describe it. I don't know how to control it, it just happens. I wish I knew who to talk to about this… What is wrong with me

Jamie Barbagallo says:

2009 lowell mass readings…my parents got read and the perview video was only 34 mins on youtube but it cut off as they started getting there reading where and how can i find the rest. Someone please help my mother would be so happy to hear this again she really needs it.

thereddragonband says:

Thanx for the upload, John. 😊👍

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