Psychic | The Oprah Winfrey Show Medium Rosemary Altea’s Unbelievable Reading

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Harpo Studios was hushed as self-proclaimed spiritual medium Rosemary Altea locked into the vibrations of a woman in the audience of ‘The Oprah Show’ and began channeling her deceased mother. In a must-see psychic reading, Rosemary brought the woman and her son, who was also in attendance, to a highly emotional climax. Watch the video above as Rosemary awes the crowd. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit

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Psychic Medium Rosemary Altea’s Unbelievable Reading | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

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treehuggermc1 says:

I love Oprah, but she was annoying in this segment.

Victoria Cipullo says:

Sylvia Brown, said we all revert back to the age of 31. She doesn't know why, but that means for some of us we are older than our parents

Martin Sanders says:

"She died of cancer…. she was very sick prior to dying" – no sheeet sherlock.

MeriNiko says:

a fraud, why Oprah is permitting it, really

Sara Romero says:

Oprah is a charlatan and this woman is a charlatan. Goodbye.

Richard Malone says:

It's always the way. Oprah just can't keep her mouth shut and let someone else be the centre of attention. Celebrities are such a pain in the a**.

Deborah 888 says:

The Bible has very stern warnings about going to mediums. Avoid at all costs and instead place your trust in God. It is the devil who is behind ouija boards, psychics, palm readings, etc., and you allow and invite evil into your life when you participate in these activities. It is also a great offense against God.

swerdna1970 says:

"A woman with cancer was sick before she died"


Seema Khan says:

Some of us can leave our bodies and travel. You can choose the senses u use when u travel. Its complex and yet it's not. Prophet Muhammad did it too!

Dave Cook says:

Evil praying on peoples vulnerability….

Baby Unicorns says:

Fake, fake, fake!

John Casey says:

Dam i should start bs'ing like this for money

John Casey says:

Lucky guess or fake guests

Ebro Bar says:

What a load of bs

Bluewren Reilly says:

Set up with the black woman in the audience Is what I think. Sorry.

7marilynw says:

This is BS. No one has reached Heaven s yet. Certainly not until Jesus' second coming which will be at the end of the world and it is only after judgement day that we will be accepted in heaven.

Gaurav Shende says:

Cold reading

Charlene Robertson says:

Not saying this is real, but something happened to me that completely tripped me out. At age 18, I met a boy online. No way could our paths had ever crossed, as I'd just moved to that state. We went to dinner and I've never felt so completely comfortable with someone and had a weird feeling I'd known him forever. Jon teaming me home that night, we stopped at railroad tracks to let a train pass. As the lights flashed, I looked over at him and at the same time we exclaimed "OMG, I'VE DONE THIS BEFORE!!" It was like we were reliving something. It was the strangest feeling I've felt to this day. I still can't explain it, but am fascinated.

What's it all about says:

She a guess artist….go home and stay in you silly old goat!

What's it all about says:

The only unbelievable thing about this 'medium' is how unbelievably fake she is. Oprah, come on !!!!!

Mark Drouin says:

Phoney bologna

cutie noli says:

Psychics are maybe alien hybrids

Lou Barnes says:


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