An Emotional Live Psychic Reading With A Medium

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Cool as, watch this live mediumship reading.

Its very emotional and lasts over 40 mins.

Watch and learn lol

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Paige Bagwell says:

Aww Morgan I need to give you a hug

terry ferguson says:

These people channel familiar spirits(demons).Fake as hell.The familiar spirit inhabited the deceased person so knows everyhting about them and feeds it to so called psychic.Dead people cannot come back and communicate with people.They are like in a holding tank,until judgement day.Then they get judged by God,and sent where they belong.Read the bible,KJV and you will learn the truth.

Danielle Elizabeth says:

He explains so much before hand my medium says I need to hear you speak I work on vibration that's it bang we go… it's like he is stalling… get on with it…

The Kat Is Back says:

I went to a Swami and got a reading along with my mother and her friend. People who do things like this have to really be at peace with their spiritual side, and yes. Everything seems pretty fake. I understand. But as someone who was raised within a long line of psychics, I can promise you that things like this can be possible. It just depends on the person, whether or not they're legitimate.

Nakadu says:

I hope one day one of these medium s will be prosecuted for conning people out of money.

Elizabeth C says:

Im cryinnnggg…..this is soooo beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!! Oh and I LOOOVE your makeup tutorials :-)))))

Renee Connolly says:

Honey… if you feel built up and not torn down following his reading…and (I've just found you) if you feel your character and judge of character is strong enough to make the call on him;
If you believe what he's said then take on the good parts.
I don't know if anyone can make the call on your Mum getting well. I got well from the same problems she has when no one. ..including me.. thought it was possible. My reason for quitting was my daughter who is the breath in my body. My precious daughter. Who i put second to alcohol for 7-9 years God forgive me. You are NOT the reason she seems to find it so hard to give up… you are the reason she wants to desperately give up. If I am psychic i can tell you that. And btw my nickname is Psychic Aunty. And my daughter is called Grace. When he mentioned your Aunt's name and you couldn't identify it then…. i had a massive sense of triangulation. …my daughter has just started talking to me since her childhood. Make of it what you will….but i want to tell you your mum adores you… just adores you. All love to you sweetheart.

Jack Gonsalves says:

"Too as well"

Dh50486 says:

Why do they always contact people “old” with “breathing problems”….. 🤔😒 also when he tells her she bought new glasses he was staring at them for a while before he said something about them… I’m not a skeptic but so many of these readings are so easy for anyone to do…

hopefaith love says:

Damn just give her a reading flunetly not in drib n drabs like hes second guessing

ann prince says:

No genuine Mediums ask quedtions whether they are right or wrong, they relay information they receive from the Spirit person, if any medium asks questions they are psychics working on the Auric field .

crazybird says:

my dad had a reading and there were SO MANY connections.

Evan Fernandez says:

Dam it must be a mission for her to take shower 😂😅 how does she let herself get so big. She wears her weight with too much confidence. I feel like some bigger people especially girls thrive on the symphothy from people as thier confidence. It's better and healthier to be health concious even though some . Some people it's not that easy for thats not an excuse to latch on to.

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