Psychics – Meanings and More

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There are those that don’t wish to educate themselves on this word and it’s meaning and continually negate it without realizing they are negating themselves at the same time. Why? Well – hopefully this video will explain it.

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AcrossTheBIGPond says:

As always, a very down to earth video that explains things openly, honestly and from the heart.

TheAngel Whisperer says:

Great information !

Atomarane says:

Thank you (bows then hugs back). 🙂

Atomarane says:

It's like Elvis when people use to ask him what he was doing – he would say – taking care of business – which he was, but it was also like saying – it's my business and not yours. 🙂

Atomarane says:

I hope that's a good thing. 😉

Atomarane says:

Yes – we have a definition of a word – may words – that can get distorted over time – making the original words buried in all the confusion from what was orginally created.

Atomarane says:

Amen – sure do – I can relate. 😉

joe guest says:

I don't want all people to know my business. It can cause harm sometimes. I was in this situation today. I don't think I'm being a deciever. I tell some my business but not all. Oh I liked this video.

joe guest says:

I'm thinking what your thinking. lol. 🙂

Atomarane says:

Yes, science has been aware for a long time but I think they are coming out of the closet more. 😉

Meichelle Spirit says:

Tell me about it!! Thats why I stopped using the word psychic.. Because ppl hear it and automatically put it into that four letter word area.. Yes, you're very correct.. everyone has the ability, just on different levels, some are more in tune than others, some are more aware than others, and others also completely block it out.. This is a natural thing and I just recently read where even science is finally admitting to that YES there truly IS a 6th sense (as if we didnt already know haha)

Atomarane says:

Thanks again – yes good and bad in everything. 🙁

I really get baffled over the negative being used over a word that didn't start out that way. People really need to stop saying psychic as if it's a four letter word. It's from the Greek word psykhikos "of the soul, spirit, or mind," from psykhe – "soul, mind" (psyche) – which everyone has.

So – like I said, we are all psychic – just on different levels of awareness.

Meichelle Spirit says:

Helped is an understatement!!! I just sent your url to your video to half a dozen people!! People hear the word psychic and automatically think you're crazy! I call myself a MetaSpiritual Counselor for the exact same reasons you call yourself a Meta Physician.. I can not agree more to each and every thing you've just said! And that bit about the fakes and the phonies.. Oh my!! YES!!

Atomarane says:

Glad it helped. 🙂

Meichelle Spirit says:

Holy crap I could NOT have said this any better than you have here!! I have tried so hard to explain to others exactly what you have here and not even come close. Its so frustrating! Thank you SO much for posting this video!! It was VERY much needed!!!!!!!!

Atomarane says:

Oh – you give yourself little credit – you are a least in high school with your awareness. 😉

Atomarane says:

Thanks and agreed – this can help anyone in any profession – no matter what they choose in life.

Officer – good point. 🙂

WeisseEdelweiss says:


I think people do need to take time out of their lives to do this. It's like daily exercise or daily training for a sport. <3

Also, an officer has no authority until he puts the badge on. 😀

Atomarane says:

Thanks … 🙂

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