Seatbelt Psychic: Family Problems (Season 1, Episode 8) | Lifetime

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Psychic Medium Thomas John shares information from a deceased mother to her grown daughter about a family problem in this clip from Season 1, Episode 8.
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Sheesh JG says:

What a sweet son that woman has!!

SD_Ahprodite says:

Happy Tears 😥

Basma Abdallah. says:

i love thiss

I. M. says:

How beautiful. She's religious, but I'm glad she was open. It came from God.💜🕉

CarolR says:

Was this a random meeting? I got the feeling the young man knew Thomas was picking them up?

MiAlma999 says:

Wow this just made me cry. Im goin thru the exact same with my family. My Mami passed and my grandfather's house was left for me. Crazy drama with my brother​ monopolizing the assets. Whoa!

Geraldine Braxton says:

So happy for this lady. I bet this reading gave her a new lease on life!

TegaGaming says:

Why is this age restricted

Katy your Creative Girl says:

I really want to watch this! So touching!

DÍor Xo says:

Bruh that’s crazy I wanna meet him. My father passed 6 years ago and if I can meet someone like him to give me will mean everything.🥀♥️

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