Secret Palm Signs can Reveal Your Hidden Psychic Powers

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I got x's everywhere… I had everything except the half moon and the parallel lines at the base of middle finger, and no triangle. My lifeline is exactly same as the other hand symmetrically.

And both hands have different paths no Astral travel but x at both ring fingers, pinky. Healers mark. The hidden cross between the life and head.

And a joined palm loveline

Unicorn Frenzie says:

I just started the video and I have the x in my hand.

Sennie Lay says:

i have very faint x crosses between my head and heart lines on both hands. an x below my left ring finger and multiple healing and astrolines

lukeslc says:

Uuuuhhhh. I don't buy it.

Rufinominer says:

I have so many of the x signs

kimeka edwards says:

I have the middle one equal

Vikesh Rughani says:

I’ve got the crosses under the fingers and also have the cross under the heart line and that crosss is on both hands

czarina aggasid says:

I have a lot of cross in my hand

Hair Jordan2 says:

i have the triangle no wonder my life sucks

Grace 14386 says:

Idk if it's just a line or something but the first this the hidden cross what if u have more than OK be and they r really close to each other

CC says:

Joint palm #2

Richalmalayese Layese says:

Why palms have diamond and star in the madle in my palms

sureshkumar sunkara says:

Have a secret cross.

Little Me says:

Have all the signs. I'm a witch

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