Signs Who Were Born Psychic

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My personal signs and symptoms growing up as an extremely psychic child and how they impacted me and STILL DO to this day. Not everyone has the same signs. ALTHOUGH Maybe my signs and symptoms will help you realize your hidden gift and help you understand yourself. When I make these videos, I think about how alone I felt, with the HOPE that some one out there will watch this and feel less alone or like someone finally understands them.



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Cielo Ai says:

Can u do a video on other dimensions and maybe seeing/traveling into these dimensions

monica0999 says:

I would love to sit around and chat with you in person or via Skype just to share all the crazy stuff that’s happened to me in my life with my psychic abilities and The paranormal…. I wonder if you could tell me what it means when I keep feeling things touching me is it spirits touching me? It feels like hairs or bugs touching me freaks me out a lot Or There’s times I feel cold and hot drafts hit my skin?….Anyways love your channel ?

monica0999 says:

I’ll share one more, this was a week ago I had a dream that I was in a City not sure exactly where but I was watching a thunderstorm and seeing lightning hit the streets. people were running for cover I did the same thing, then I came outside to see if it went away and instead I saw a giant hurricane pretty scary stuff but what was really scary is that the hurricane had a Demonic face… not exactly sure what that means but you never know what it Could mean?

monica0999 says:

So much to say, but I Want to share my current dreams I’ve had in the past few days. I’ve been recording and jotting down my dream since I was a kid just like my mom does, a lot of them are very vivid and crazy some of them are of the past but some are actual prophetic dreams that Freak me out.
Example 3 days ago I was Dreaming about me being outside in my home town of Queens New York watching the sky at night time looking at the stars When I started seeing a bunch of stars moving around then I realize there are planes then I saw one playing cross over to another, Then all of a sudden the two planes collided in the sky As one fell down to the ground it exploded I tried coming over to see it close to take pictures with my cell phone then I woke up. that same day I saw in the news that a plane crashed in Seattle. OK it’s not exactly what happened in Real life but it’s pretty damn freaky The synchronicity of it all….

camilefernanda says:

I used to predict the future with my dreams; I still do it but not as frequently as I used to, it happens to me every now and then. Also, there is something that's been happening to me since quite a few months now and I can't find an explanation to it, basically it has to do with my peripheral vision. Suddenly I tend to see as if certain object is slightly moving but when I turn to look at it this hasn't moved at all, or I suddenly see (with my peripheral vision) things standing out more than usual. I don't really know if it's something normal but for me it isn't. A friend told me "I'm seeing some kind of energies" but I really don't know what it is and I would really like if you or someone could tell me what I'm experiencing, or if you have heard of something like this.

TheOtherSarah says:

Lmao the only thing i hate about mirrors is my reflection lol

Ron Paynter says:

Who the hell are you? Stop looking at my's dirty in there. lol

I won't go so far as to say that I'm psychic by any means. Something happened when I was about 8 that scared the crap out of me and I've developed a block because of it. I think I could probably develop into it if I ever get passed this old blockage.

When I hit puberty around the age of 13 I suddenly developed empathy and started feeling the emotions of everything around me. People and animals mostly but I can feel a soft hum when touching plants especially trees and even insects give off little bits of something akin to emotions sometimes. Babies and animals feel so clean and pure it's amazing. Feeling someone have sex is a bit weird to pick up on because I don't get any of the feel good parts just this intense pressure like a headache without pain that builds up and then dies away like it never happened. I've noticed that people all have their own unique emotional mix almost like a mental signature or a fingerprint. I noticed this when Granny died because I could feel her mental signature hanging around for a few days after her death. About an hour after my ex wife's grandpa died I saw his body in the hospital and it was the weirdest thing I've ever felt. It felt like the body was giving off tiny bursts of something like sparks from an electrical short and his outline was so blurry I couldn't focus on him. When I saw him later at the funeral I could tell instantly that absolutely nothing was left in there. Very disturbing to not feel anything at all from a person.

I was surprised when I realized that empathy flows both ways and that I projected my emotions around me without thinking about it.

The Fandom Clicks says:

I had a dream, That I was gonna try to pass by in class and bump into a guy. But, There was a trigger in the dream, My 6th grade teacher, who at that time, I did not know existed

Now. Years passed, and the dream happened, same as the dream, but, everything was in slow motion

Prince Marak says:

I see no ghost till date , ghost will shit himself and run away if he saw me or come near me ?????

bigdaddytmrg ps4 says:

Describes me perfectly but got so scared when I was a child that I prayed every night not to be able to see and hear and feel and it eventually did. Now I feel like apart of me is missing. Where is video on how to reawaken these abilities?

Isaac Kim says:


A B says:

Thank you for this video! My mom went to a physic and that physic said that she think I might be physic and all the things you talked about has happened to me the only thing that hasn’t happened to me was hearing things and haven’t seen any ghosts or anything

Edit: also I’m really scared of paranormal and I would prefer not to get involved with that and even just talking about it gets me really nervous

Thirsa van Velzen says:

I had to sit on a wobbly cushion in middle school to help me with my “concentration problem” I would stare at a random things all the time. Also I never had real friends in my life and had so much trouble with making friends. Mirrors scared me, heard someone wisper. And I always get a feeling around certain people that I need to talk to them and they turn out to be really inspiring and sweet people.

Berthzy says:

When I was little I was very receptive to energies. I've been through much in my life, and think that's why I've got a "shell" beyond myself. I do not have much emotion anymore and is not susceptible to energies. I really want to get these "abilities" back because I've been receptive when I was less. I think this is very sad because I am very fond of knowing energies. I think I'm psychic because I'm very observant, smart and I hear very well. I feel the way you describe in the video, I think I'm depressed, without feeling so. I do not know myself again and need help ? I have always slept under my duvet, because when I was little i was afraid someone would stand by me while i was sleeping. I think this is a bad habit.. because now I am 18 years and i have NEVER slept with my head "exposed". What should I do?

Thirsa van Velzen says:

I hate having insomnia, every time I want to go to sleep I see someone standing in my room. Even if I helped them to the light, someone else will come. And even when there’s no one my ? keeps scanning the room.

Thirsa van Velzen says:

Basically my whole life explained ? (not every detail you talked about ofc)

SlickX3 says:

Yes!! I barley eat meat because I freak out! I ended up passing out because I didn't want to eat an animal, I'm beginning to try to eat it. I might be a a beginner because I don't understand certain things, if I hear things, and they're like an negative spirit, I ask them if they can leave me alone etc, I end up feeling better, but my dogs kinda do sense these spirits idk if I should say. But I do feel spirits mostly at night and I hear more things at night, which I'm trying to learn about so you're helping!

Beth A. says:

You have read me my life ?

Mariah Ernest says:

I've always felt uncomfortable by mirrors. I'm always spacing out. When I was younger I used to see spirits all the time. As a kid, I was scared and my mother would push it off, and told me it was nothing. Every house I lived in there were evil spirits. My mother refused to acknowledge them until we moved out. Then she'll tell me, yeah, I noticed this and that. Meanwhile when we were there I was feeling crazy… I grew up around drugs and alcohol (my aunts, uncles mom and dad were all addicts) so, they attracted a lot of bad spirits, some of which have followed me through out my entire life. There was one spirit who was mean and ill, who grew a liking to me and has since protected me. I do remember him and his friends trying to get me to go down a dark path, but after a while, he grew attached to me. Kind of like a reverse stock home syndrome (I think that's what it's called). Now he's my spirit guide and protects me when a spirit tries to attack me. Yes, he is a demonic entity, but I don't think all demons are bad. having this ability to connect to the other world, has given me the opportunity to contact other spirits, powerful ones, that people believe to be fairy tales. I sometimes contact Lucifer; when he's not being a little bitch, and wants to have a conversation. Yes, Lucifer. The demon lord. He's not a bad dude; he's just very busy and tired of children and teenagers trying to play games with him. He's a powerful energy, and he's really nice. But he can be an asshole, when people joke on his name. He isn't here to cause you fear, he wants to be understood, like most spirits.

Alyssa Divine says:

Also since i dont like looking at the mirror i put pictures on it so i dont have to look at it and i just try to focus on the pictures

Alyssa Divine says:

I actually have a mirror thats facing my bed and im always afraid to look at it especially at night and i also talk in my sleep too and i usually cant go to sleep until 1 am.Im not surprised that i have these signs because psychics run in more my family on my dads side so im not surprised im having alot of these signs

Black Rose Productions says:

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