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A few of you have actually been asking about the significance of life. Here is one way to explain it. In today’s video I speak about the various methods people comprehend info, which individuals who use various vocabulary are all discussing the same thing. Ideally this example I give will assist you to see things more plainly.

If you have somebody in your life that has contributed in getting you to where you are, thank them today. Let them understand how valued they are. I am guilty of not doing that. I require to do better. Making this video has reminded me. I need to reveal love more to those around me.


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Kayle Ballard says:

I know partly why I am here I know it is to help but I feel as though that is only part of a sentence I am also not good with words but I feel as though that I am suppose to be here to help but I don't know if its one person or many.but it's a desire to help

Allison Shepherd says:

This made me cry too, sweet sweet love story. Thanks for sharing💕

bmwd40 says:

A pawn – chess related (I know this comment is late) – probably already answered. The pawn can move forward. The first turn (of each pawn) can move either 1 or 2 squares forward. However, if a piece is diagonal from the pawn (directly one square ahead), the pawn can take that piece (on your turn). Yes – at the end of the board – the pawn can change into any piece (preferably a Queen, due to positional movement/tactical advantage). They go from the most useless piece (from first glance) to the most 'powerful'.

Note: I'm sure someone answered prior

Shanna Leigh says:

This made me cry. I feel very thankful.

Rich Halliwell says:

+IloveDirndl omg you know Kelli to

Karna Bonwick says:

Kelli, all the spirits who chose to come to earth at this time did so because they wanted front row seats to the most amazing show ever. Humanity is evolving more quickly probably than ever before from what is surely a time that we will look back at as the dark ages and you are a great catalyst for this change. Thank you to you and your husband for helping you.

Anar Tsog says:

this video moved me most. Thank you for doing this. you and your husband is wonderful souls and sacrifice of yours is more than worth! 

ms&mrreckoning says:

this is the best video of you KELLI! <3

ms&mrreckoning says:

Is your hubby a Gemini, I ask because you're a beautiful Sagittarius Kelli! lol

ms&mrreckoning says:

ur hubby husband had intuition!, I have this with my twinflame!, & I didn't even know about intuition or twinflames at the time I met my lady <3 my twinflame =)) it'sa beautiful thing
spirit guides us all
God is so mysterious LOL or His work is at least cause He dwells in all our hearts <333

ms&mrreckoning says:

you're beautiful Kelli <3

Shikanochimoshi Shifu Nokukamiku says:

Laws are irrelevant. Rosa Parks was arrested was arrested for refusing to give her seat on the bus. The only reason MJ is illegal because the man who invented nylon was in competition with an afro-american who discovered something that would put him out of business. That man was high in gov power and convinced everyone MJ is "bad."

Anne-Marie Vaillancourt says:

Wow… that was like you were talking about my boyfriend!
He's my protector too, and I know he would sacrifice anything for me. I believe also I am in his life to help him learn to love himself. He doesn't know his own value…

TallAndThin123 says:

ugh scrap this comment supporting is similar to protecting DARN

TallAndThin123 says:

dont be a victim , protect yourself , what you should mean is that he supports you like you would support him , just because you a female doesnt mean you cant protect yourself :/ – (not being rude in any way) – all you need is assertiveness , fearlessness and strong grounding – anyone can protect them selves whether it be with your mouth or fists on physical or a banishing ritual or white shield on the non physical 🙂

Pinke4j says:

I shared this with my boyfriend. I feel that we have the same type of relationship as you and your husband. It's like looking in a mirror…he has felt the need to watch over me for years even when we weren't together. We were together in high school and when we broke up, he still kept watch over me without me even knowing it until 8 years later. We are together again and very happy 🙂 He is my protector.

Pinke4j says:

Amazing comparison/metaphor for understanding life. Your husband really hit the nail on the head!

liv3201 says:

i always thought we were in a test… an expirement per say.. its hard to explain but kelli, i hope you know what um talking about

sierra boer says:

That was really heart touching Kelli. I felt a lot of you're emotion's. I want to thank you for being the leader that you are and awaking us. I love the fact that we are working together on this. Hope you have a blessed day Kelli 🙂 and take care.

Kelli In The Raw says:

Vince. Don't fret about it. Sometimes there are people who don't want to hear the truth. They will get angry and dislike several videos in a row that are actually good videos just to "get back" at me. 🙂

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